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Term's and Conditions

NCR Home Tutor is a leading home Tutors Bureau in Delhi & NCR with over 8,000 experienced home tutors and qualified trained teachers.

1) Advance fees will be collected by NCR HOME TUTOR after 1demo and 3 regular classes from parents as a Security .

Effective Teaching methods make us who we are!

2) 40% of first month and 10% of every month is the Commission of NCR HOME TUTOR. 

3)Tutor get 60% fees after Completion of first month from NCR HOME TUTOR

4) Tutor get 90% fees from second month onwards through NCR HOME TUTOR. 

5) When tuition is discontinued by the tutor or parents tutor will get 90% fees from NCR HOME TUTOR.

6) Tutor must inform NCR HOME TUTOR 3days in advance before leaving the tuition, if not informed 50% fees will be deducted as a fine

7) Tutor can collect fees from office or via Paytm or into Bank Account.

8) Tutors will be paid fees after a week when the tution is left or discontinued..

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